Behind The Lens: Tumunu's Journey

Eyewear Fashion Tumunu Journey

As 2019 has wrapped up and we are entering into the new and exciting year of 2020, we take a step back and reflect on the roads that got us here today.

What started out as a dream, soon turned to reality when the founder of Tumunu setup his humble home office in early 2018, staying up all hours of the night to learn the trade, determined and hungry to make an outstanding product that he believed was missing in the sunglasses market.

After months of late nights, early mornings, discouragement, triumph and the many ups and downs of starting a business, Tumunu was ready for the world to see. It was setup on Kickstarter in October 2018 with great buzz, reaching above its target goal of $10000 and allowing Tumunu to blossom and grow without constraints.


Tumunu launched early 2019 on Facebook and Instagram and showed potential, but it was up to Tumunu to build a rapport with its customers. A new company doesn't have the same history as older, well known brands so it set about to make itself known.

From friends, neighbours and family, to workmates, colleagues and clients, Tumunu reached out and spread the word far and wide, and marched forth in becoming a pioneer in the sunglasses industry, representing the diverse nature of customers worldwide and catering to all shapes and sizes. 

Emphasis on big / wide heads and faces was a goal of Tumunu's as the founder was born and raised in Rarotonga, Cook Islands, and being Polynesian, always had trouble finding sunglasses to fit his head. 


Posts on Facebook and Instagram garnished incredible results and high profile celebrities and sports stars have reached out to see what all the fuss is about. Tumunu cherishes the relationships it builds and are customer focused, with refunds and exchanges at the forefront of our policies in guaranteeing customer satisfaction. 

With sales on the rise and 5 star reviews, Tumunu looks back on the year of 2019 as a year of triumph. A slow, steady start that has grown and flourished into the wellknown brand it is today. 



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