Introducing our new sunglasses-Maui

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Not to be mistaken for the demi-god, Tumunu's new range of sunglasses, Maui, are definitely worthy of such comparison. Sophisticated in design and meticulously crafted with originality, strength and integrity, owning these sunnies will impress all who are blessed to be in its presence.

With this new range, we have adjusted the height measurements to coincide with meeting our customers needs in terms of how they fit, and listening to our customers feedback. Improving and engineering new and improved sunglasses that fit perfectly for all customers is an integral part of Tumunu's growth and mission that we continue to adhere to.

The 3 styles in the new range are Maui Ra (Maui Sun) with Midnight Sun lens, Maui Toa (Warrior) with Chrome black lens and Maui Atua (Demi God) with Ice Blue Mirror lens.

Toa and Atua's frame is gloss black acetate and Ra's frame is gloss black/clear acetate. The integrity of the frame is top knotch and very reliable in withstanding any environment or climate.

Like a coconut tree swaying in the breeze, kick back, relax and Enjoy The View with Tumunu's new range, Maui.