About Us

                                                                                About Tumunu Sunglasses

Tumunu Sunglasses was created as an homage to our island home; The Cook Islands. Tumunu translates to 'coconut/palm tree' which are a significant part of the island's identity. Strong, resilient and durable, we wanted our sunglasses to reflect the same characteristics of the coconut tree. The weaving pattern on our sunglasses represents our ties to our Polynesian culture and means we are all connected. It was important to pay respect to our land and our people. The sunglasses were created in a small town in Perth, W.A  by Henri Veiao and all designs, styles, and patterns are original. As a Cook Islander, Henri found it hard to find sunglasses that fit his rather large head and set about breaking the mold and catering to people that have, as we like to say, "coconut heads". Comfortable, large, supportive and stylish, these sunglasses were made with love, respect and a passion to give back to his community. We are also all inclusive of all shapes and sizes and cater to smaller heads to, so whether you're a lemon, melon or coconut head, we have you covered! So please, come in, take a look around and Enjoy The View!